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# Cudimot-models
Diffusion models implemented in the cudimot framework. \
See for more details.
See for more details. \
Citation: Hernandez-Fernandez M., Reguly I., Jbabdi S, Giles M, Smith S., Sotiropoulos S.N. "Using GPUs to accelerate computational diffusion MRI: From microstructure estimation to tractography and connectomes." NeuroImage 188 (2019): 598-615. \
- NODDI_Watson_diff and NODDI_Watson_diff_exvivo are the standard NODDI model where the user can specify a global dax and diso. \
Both scripts can be run using the wrapper function \
Note, NODDI is typically run using a Rician noise model which can be specified by the --rician flag.\
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