Commit 55686c73 authored by Andrei-Claudiu Roibu's avatar Andrei-Claudiu Roibu 🖥
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added labels generator function

parent dc68be2b
......@@ -19,6 +19,7 @@ import shutil
import logging
import numpy as np
import re
from textwrap import wrap
# The SummaryWriter class provides a high-level API to create an event file in a given directory and add summaries and events to it.
# More here:
......@@ -92,8 +93,16 @@ class LogWriter():
return pass
label_classes = []
for label in labels:
label_class = re.sub(r'([a-z](?=[A-Z])|[A-Z](?=[A-Z][a-z]))', r'\1 ', label)
label_class = ['\n'.join(wrap(element, 40)) for element in label_class]
return label_classes
def log(self, message):
"""Log function
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