Commit 58554941 authored by Andrei Roibu's avatar Andrei Roibu
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solving positional argument bug in load targets

parent b43012db
......@@ -784,7 +784,7 @@ def _generate_target_volume(file_path,
volume (np.array): Array containing the information regarding the target volume
volume = data_utils.load_and_preprocess_targets(file_path, crop_flag=False, cross_domain_x2x_flag)
volume = data_utils.load_and_preprocess_targets(file_path, cross_domain_x2x_flag, crop_flag=False)
if mean_regression_flag == True:
volume = _regress_target(volume, subject, dmri_mean_mask_path, rsfmri_mean_mask_path, regression_factors, crop_flag, cross_domain_x2x_flag, mean_regression_all_flag)
......@@ -194,7 +194,7 @@ def load_and_preprocess_evaluation(file_path, crop_flag, cross_domain_y2y_flag):
return volume, header, xform
def load_and_preprocess_targets(file_path, crop_flag, cross_domain_x2x_flag):
def load_and_preprocess_targets(file_path, cross_domain_x2x_flag, crop_flag):
"""Load & Preprocessing targets before evaluation
This function loads a nifty file and returns its volume information
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