Commit 8403dee0 authored by Andrei Roibu's avatar Andrei Roibu
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deleted UNet network load calls

parent aeb4decd
......@@ -40,7 +40,6 @@ import as data
import numpy as np
from solver import Solver
# from BrainMapperUNet import BrainMapperUNet3D, BrainMapperResUNet3D, BrainMapperResUNet3Dshallow, BrainMapperCompResUNet3D
from BrainMapperAE import BrainMapperAE3D
from utils.data_utils import get_datasets, data_test_train_validation_split, update_shuffling_flag, create_folder
import utils.data_evaluation_utils as evaluations
......@@ -149,12 +148,7 @@ def train(data_parameters, training_parameters, network_parameters, misc_paramet
if training_parameters['use_pre_trained']:
BrainMapperModel = torch.load(
# BrainMapperModel = BrainMapperUNet3D(network_parameters)
# BrainMapperModel = BrainMapperResUNet3D(network_parameters)
# BrainMapperModel = BrainMapperResUNet3Dshallow(network_parameters)
# BrainMapperModel = BrainMapperCompResUNet3D(network_parameters)
BrainMapperModel = BrainMapperAE3D(network_parameters)
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