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TEST: Adjust image save test. Was I testing the wrong reference here? I have

no idea
parent a040a24f
......@@ -1098,14 +1098,16 @@ def _test_Image_save(imgtype):
# Load the image back in
img2 = fslimage.Image(img.dataSource)
assert img.saveState
assert img.dataSource == expDataSource
assert img2.saveState
assert img2.dataSource == expDataSource
if imgtype > 0:
assert np.all(np.isclose(img.voxToWorldMat, xform))
for i in (img, img2):
if imgtype > 0:
assert np.all(np.isclose(i.voxToWorldMat, xform))
for (x, y, z), v in zip(rvoxs, rvals):
assert np.isclose(img[x, y, z], v)
for (x, y, z), v in zip(rvoxs, rvals):
assert np.isclose(i[x, y, z], v)
img = None
img2 = None
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