Commit d57adba3 authored by Evan Edmond's avatar Evan Edmond
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ENH: <scanner> defaults to 'SIEMENS'

parent 3dcfedbf
......@@ -86,9 +86,11 @@ def prelude(**kwargs):
@wutils.fileOrImage('phase_image', 'magnitude_image', 'out_image')
def fsl_prepare_fieldmap(scanner, phase_image, magnitude_image, out_image, deltaTE, **kwargs):
"""Wrapper for the ``fsl_prepare_fieldmap`` command."""
def fsl_prepare_fieldmap(phase_image, magnitude_image, out_image, deltaTE, scanner=None, **kwargs):
"""Wrapper for the ``fsl_prepare_fieldmap`` command. <scanner> defaults to 'SIEMENS'"""
if scanner is None:
scanner = 'SIEMENS'
valmap = {
'nocheck' : wutils.SHOW_IF_TRUE,
......@@ -389,8 +389,7 @@ def test_tbss():
def test_fsl_prepare_fieldmap():
with asrt.disabled(), run.dryrun(), mockFSLDIR(bin=('fsl_prepare_fieldmap',)) as fsldir:
fpf = op.join(fsldir, 'bin', 'fsl_prepare_fieldmap')
result = fw.fsl_prepare_fieldmap(scanner='SIEMENS',
result = fw.fsl_prepare_fieldmap(phase_image='ph',
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