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......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ pages:
- mkdir public
- GZIP=-9 tar -czf Oxford-MM-0.tar.gz Oxford-MM-0
- GZIP=-9 tar -czf Oxford-MM-1.tar.gz Oxford-MM-1
- mv index.html public/
- mv *.html public/
- mv Oxford-MM-0 public/
- mv Oxford-MM-1 public/
- mv Oxford-MM-0.tar.gz public/
# oxford mm templates
# Oxford-MM-1
![Oxford-MM-1 T1, T2 FLAIR, and DTI volumes](/Oxford-MM-1/oxford-mm-1_overview.png "Oxford-MM-1 T1, T2 FLAIR, and DTI volumes")*Oxford-MM-1 T1, T2 FLAIR, and DTI volumes*
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