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......@@ -20,7 +20,8 @@ How to use Calpendo to book your WIN Wednesday Seminar
- [How to amend or cancel your WIN Wednesday seminar](#how-to-amend-or-cancel-your-win-wednesday-seminar)
- [Approval of your booking](#approval-of-your-booking)
- [What if you need to change the date/time of your seminar?](#what-if-you-need-to-change-the-date-time-of-your-seminar)
- [Additional resources - Introductory slides](#additional-resources---introductory-slides)
- [Additional resources: Introductory slides](#additional-resources-introductory-slides)
- [Additional resources: Call Recording in MS Teams](#additional-resources-call-recording-in-ms-teams)
......@@ -140,7 +141,7 @@ Your booking will be cancelled if it is not complete by 17:00 on the Friday prec
In some circumstances it may be necessary to hold your seminar outside of the usual Wednesday 12:00-13:00 slot, for example to meet the availability of external presenters. In these cases, please [contact a WIN Wednesday Administrators](../calpendo-booking-guide-support) and ask them to open a slot in Calpendo at the required time.
## Additional resources - Introductory slides
## Additional resources: Introductory slides
We have created a set of template slides (splash screens) for you to present at the start of your seminar. These splash screens can be particularly useful for online presentations, to let people know they are in the correct meeting and display the recording notice. The slides also act as a "holding stage" to fill the dead air while viewers join the call.
......@@ -170,3 +171,8 @@ Slide 2 contains information which should be updated for each seminar:
### Images
The illustrations are via [undraw]( These are available on a fully open license, and customisable to a colour scheme. The images included are customised to the WIN logo colour: Hex #750A00. Please retain the image and slide theme credit on slide 3 if you use these templates.
## Additional resources: Call Recording in MS Teams
The [WIP coordinator](../calpendo-booking-guide-support) will be the host of the call for all seminars where there is a WIP slot. For other WIN Wednesday Seminars where there is no WIP slot, the WIN Wednesday Coordinator will host the call.
Where the WIN Wednesday Coordinators is hosting the call, you should request that it is recorded >24h in advance using the [IT Call Recording Request form](
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