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# WIN Work in Progress (WIP) Meetings - Update 2021
## Context
The Work in Progress (WIP) meetings are scheduled as part of the WIN Wednesday meetings that take place on Wednesdays 12.00 - 13.00, everyone who is affiliated with the WIN is welcome to attend these meetings.
WIPs provide an informal and constructive forum for researchers to get feedback on planned imaging projects from a diverse WIN audience. In some cases, WIP presentations are a mandatory stage in gaining the appropriate approvals to conduct new data collection using WIN hardware.
### The problems
#### Booking administration and bottlenecks
When a researcher wishes to present a WIP, they rely on word-of-mouth regarding the process for arranging the meeting. Such undocumented processes contribute to poor inclusivity through the potential for unequal access to knowledge.
Until now, the process for booking a WIP has entailed several email exchanges between researchers, the WIP lead, and WIN Administrators, to identify available slots and receive appropriate documentation to advertise the presentation and permissions for recording. This is an inefficient use of resources which can become problematic when there is high demand for presentations.
Note also the slots available for WIP presentations are interleaved with other WIN Wednesday content (such as training and [Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity]( presentations). The leads of each of the WIN Wednesday content types would also benefit from an efficient solution for booking their meetings and collating appropriate documentation.
#### Research theme representation
WIN research can be broadly divided into four core themes:
- Analysis Research
- Basic Neuroscience
- Clinical Neuroscience
- Physics Research
An analysis of WIP presenters, however, shows that most presentations are lead by researchers associated with Basic or Clinical Neuroscience (see Figure 1).
![WIP 2019 presenters by theme](WIPS-2019-byTheme.png)
*Figure 1: Research themes of WIP presenters in 2019*
The impact of this uneven distribution is multifactorial:
1. Physics and analysis researchers do not have an open forum for feedback from applied researchers regarding the translational and clinical aspects of their work.
2. WIN members do not have an accessible opportunity to learn about the full breadth of research being conducted at WIN.
3. Physics and Analysis students are not maximising on the opportunity to practice presenting their research to a broad audience.
### The solution
#### Booking through calpendo
#### Local theme promotors and WIP triggers
## What are we doing?
## How can you contribute?
## Who are we?
### Contact
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