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### Approval process
#### 1. Find booking
You will be notified by email when a booking has been made. To review and approve that booking, first find it in Calpendo and click on "view".
![calpendo page for Administrators, with an arrow highlighting the "view" link to review a users booking](img/calpendo-approve-view.png)
#### 2. Review booking
Review the details of the booking to ensure they are ready to be published in the Monday message. Open and review the recording consent. If any details are missing, use the send email" button to contact the user.
![calpendo page for Administrators, showing how to review another users booking. Arrows highlighting the "Title, Authors and Abstract" field, "Recording consent" and "send email" button](img/calpendo-approve-review.png)
#### 3. Approve or deny booking
If all details are present and correct, move on to approve the booking. Click the "Admin" tab at the top of the Calpendo window and select "Booking Requests" to bring up a list of all bookings which require approval.
![calpendo page for Administrators, with arrows highlighting the "Admin" and "Booking Requests" link](img/calpendo-approve-bookinglist.png)
Locate the booking you reviewed. It may be helpful to sort the list of unapproved bookings by Resource. Click the checkbox next to the booking you wish to approve and click "Approve" or deny as appropriate.
![calpendo page for Administrators, with an arrow highlighting the "approve" button on a booking made against the WIN Wednesday resource](img/calpendo-approve-approve.png)
## Contact
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