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# WIN Work in Progress (WIP) Meetings - Update 2021
- [Context](#context)
- [Problem 1: Research theme representation](#problem-1-research-theme-represenation)
- [Promoting the value of translational and clinical insight](#promoting-the-value-of-translational-and-clinical-insight)
- [Local theme promotors](#local-theme-promotors)
- [WIP triggers](#wip-triggers)
- [Extended content](#extended-content)
- [Solution: Promoting the value of translational and clinical insight](#solution-promoting-the-value-of-translational-and-clinical-insight)
- [Solution: Local theme promotors](#solution-local-theme-promotors)
- [Solution: WIP triggers](#solution-wip-triggers)
- [Solution: Extended content](#solution-extended-content)
- [Problem 2: Booking administration and process knowledge](#problem-2-booking-administration-and-process-knowledge)
- [Calpendo for WIP and WIN Wednesday booking](#calpendo-for-wip-and-win-wednesday-booking)
- [Intranet WIP guide](#intranet-wip-guide)
- [Solution: Calpendo for WIP and WIN Wednesday booking](#solution-calpendo-for-wip-and-win-wednesday-booking)
- [Solution: Intranet WIP guide](#solution-intranet-wip-guide)
## Context
The Work in Progress (WIP) meetings are scheduled as part of the WIN Wednesday meetings that take place on Wednesdays 12:00 - 13:00. Everyone who is affiliated with the WIN is welcome to attend these meetings.
......@@ -35,15 +36,13 @@ The impact of this uneven research theme distribution is multifactorial:
The proposed changes to the practice and scope of WIP meetings seeks to address this uneven distribution of WIP presentations to: 1) more completely communicate the breadth of WIN research; 2) highlight and encourage researchers to consider the translational value of their work across the centre; 3) give equal opportunity to WIN students and Early Career Researchers to present to a broad and receptive audience.
### The solutions
#### Promoting the value of translational and clinical insight
### Solution: Promoting the value of translational and clinical insight
WIN is committed to delivering research with a high potential for translational impact. As such we aim to foster close relationships between researchers working across all stages of methods development and clinical application. Such relationships and knowledge of each others activities can help inform research design and positioning within a wider clinical context.
We would like to promote the value of a two-way conversation between methods development and applications researchers, so each can contribute their unique expertise at the early stages of a research project. Such conversations happen in the direction of methods-to-applied in the current WIP meetings, but we would like to encourage methods researchers to invite contributions from applied researchers to gaining a broader understanding of the translational context and impact of their work early on.
#### Local theme promotors
### Solution: Local theme promotors
The Core WIN individuals named below have agreed to promote WIP participation in their respective themes, in alignment with the ethos of informal and constructive interdisciplinary feedback with a specific focus on promoting conversations around translation.
......@@ -57,7 +56,7 @@ The Core WIN individuals named below have agreed to promote WIP participation in
- Cognitive Neuroscience (MEG/EEG):
- All other themes or questions:
#### WIP triggers
### Solution: WIP triggers
WIP presentations are required before ethical approval is granted on new data collection projects undertaken using WIN MRI facilities. There is no such mandatory "trigger" to initiate a WIP presentation for teams who collect data using other systems (for example MEG or EEG) or do not require ethical approval. This includes work undertake on existing project codes (for example "physics development") or secondary data analysis. Identifying an appropriate opportunity to present a WIP for such projects may normalise the engagement of currently under-represented research themes and create opportunities for two-way conversation as described above.
......@@ -65,7 +64,7 @@ To intentionally maximise the training and development benefit of WIP presentati
We should also investigate opportunities to present WIPs for research lead by postdoctoral researchers or using other facilities where an MRI project code is not required.
#### Extended content
### Solution: Extended content
WIN recognises that considerable research effort and expertise goes into projects which do not centre experimental or observational data. We would like to promote knowledge exchange around such projects by broadening the range of activities which are deemed appropriate for WIP presentations. This might include projects which centre new software applications or extensions, training materials, protocols and public engagement activities.
......@@ -77,15 +76,13 @@ The current process for booking a WIP entails several email exchanges between re
The meeting slots available for WIP presentations are also shared with other WIN Wednesday content (such as training and [Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity]( presentations). The Coordinators of WIN Wednesday content would also benefit from an efficient solution for booking their meetings against a shared calendar and collating appropriate documentation.
### Solutions
#### Calpendo for WIP and WIN Wednesday booking
### Solution: Calpendo for WIP and WIN Wednesday booking
[Calpendo]( is used throughout WIN to book research facilities and meeting spaces. We propose that researchers use calpendo to directly book their WIP slot, to reduce the administrative burden in communicating availability. Calpendo can also be used to collate the required documentation, for example abstracts can be required at the point of booking a WIP (or at a minimally distant time from the planned presentation), and signed speaker release forms can be uploaded.
WIN Wednesday coordinators can also book speakers and events directly in the WIN Wednesday calendar on calpendo, giving them a live view of meeting availability.
#### Intranet WIP guide
### Solution: Intranet WIP guide
A complete guide on the process and value of WIPs will be published on the WIN intranet. This guide will be advertised in Monday messages, so researchers or group leaders new to the process will have ready access to all necessary information. A first draft of the [WIP Guide is available here]( (note this guide has been developed for new MRI data collection studies and will need to be adapted/extended for other types of WIPs)
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