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# WIN Works in Progress (WIP) Guide - New MRI data collection
# WIN Works in Progress (WIP) Guide
1. [What to expect from a WIP Presentation](#what-to-expect-from-a-wip-presentation)
2. [Why should I do a WIP presentation?](#why-should-i-do-a-wip-presentation)
3. [Who should present a WIP?](#who-should-present-a-wip)
4. [When should I present a WIP?](#when-should-i-present-a-wip)
5. [What should I include in my presentation?](#what-should-i-include-in-my-presentation)
6. [How do I sign up for a WIP presentation?](#how-do-i-sign-up-for-a-wip-presentation)
7. [Who can help me arrange and plan my WIP?](#who-can-help-me-arrange-and-plan-my-wip)
8. [Where does the WIP take place?](#where-does-the-wip-take-place)
9. [How should I promote my WIP?](#how-should-i-promote-my-wip)
10. [What to do after the WIP](#what-to-do-after-the-wip)
11. [Useful contacts](#useful-contacts)
## Context
The Work in Progress (WIP) meetings provide an informal and constructive forum for researchers to get feedback on planned imaging projects from a diverse WIN audience. WIPs are scheduled as part of the WIN Wednesday meetings that take place on Wednesdays 12:00 - 13:00, everyone who is affiliated with the WIN is welcome to attend these meetings.
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The below information is provided to guide your preparation for and participation in WIP meetings. Please do not hesitate to contact any of the individuals listed in the "Useful Contacts" section if you would like to discuss any stage of the process or development of your project.
## What to expect from a WIP Presentation
## 1. What to expect from a WIP Presentation
WIPs are an informal meeting and should be viewed as a positive opportunity for feedback from your peers. WIP attendees are reminded that discussions should be constructive, welcoming, accessible, and at all times in accordance with the [University policies on bullying and harassment]( We are all reminded that you are the expert on your topic, and we are here to support you based on our own experience. As WIP organisers, we welcome your feedback on your experience of planning and presenting your WIP, so we can improve the experience for others,
## Why should I do a WIP presentation?
## 2. Why should I do a WIP presentation?
- To help you optimise the quality of your research
- To encourage you to think early about the reproducibility of your research and opportunities to share your materials.
- To encourage collaboration among WIN members, by creating opportunities to hear about the work others are doing in all disciplines.
The WIP is not a box ticking exercise, or a test. It is a way to share planned work or work in early stages with your WIN peers. A WIP presentation can provide you with valuable feedback from the amazing WIN community, who are all here to support you in doing the best research you can.
## Who should present a WIP?
## 3. Who should present a WIP?
Any WIN affiliated researcher undertaking a research project. This includes projects relating to:
- Analysis Research
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Named collaborators (internal and external) should ideally also be present.
## When should I present a WIP?
## 4. When should I present a WIP?
It is best to give a WIP presentation as **early as possible** in your project. This will enable you to receive and incorporate valuable feedback effectively. WIPs must be completed minimally 2 weeks before planned data collection for new MRI projects. You can present ideas for planned projects before data collection, or ethics approvals.
You are welcome to present more than one WIP. For example you could present an idea before collecting pilot data, or accessing shared datasets for analysis projects (e.g. UK Biobank), and then present again after data collection, or analysis has started, but not progressed very far. Any time you give a WIP presentation you should be at a stage where you are willing and able to incorporate feedback from the attendees.
## What should I present at a WIP?
## 5. What should I include in my presentation?
You should present an outline of your intended experiment or analysis, including a brief outline of the motivation, background or justification for the research.
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- List any datasets you might need access to
- Describe your plans for [sharing newly acquired data]( (imaging or otherwise) and any restrictions which may prevent sharing at this time.
## How do I sign up for a WIP presentation?
## 6. How do I sign up for a WIP presentation?
WIP presentations are booked using **calpendo (further details to follow)**.
......@@ -66,7 +82,7 @@ At the point of booking your WIP you will be asked to provide the following info
WIPs can be booked up to 10 days before they are scheduled to take place. This ensures there is time to circulate notice of the WIP in the preceding Monday message, and invite guests.
## Who can help me arrange and plan my WIP
## 7. Who can help me arrange and plan my WIP?
The WIN Core staff named below will be able to assist you in scheduling and promoting your WIP.
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- Cognitive Neuroscience (MEG/EEG):
- All other themes or questions:
## Where does the WIP take place?
## 8. Where does the WIP take place?
- WIP meetings take place as part of the WIN Wednesday meetings on ***Wednesdays***** *****between 12:00 and 13:00***** **
- Currently meetings take place online. Plans for hybrid and in-person meetings are currently under development.
- For online presentations please be prepared to follow the [WIN policies on the use of Zoom](, including recording of your presentation.
## How should I promote my WIP?
## 9. How should I promote my WIP?
Your WIP will be announced in the WIN Monday Message, however, please consider inviting specific people to maximise your opportunity for constructive feedback.
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If you're unsure of who to invite, please speak to one of the WIP organisers and they can help advise.
## What to do after the WIP
## 10. What to do after the WIP
- Try to incorporate any feedback you were given
- Follow up with main discussion contributors
- Always feel free to ask for more input if needed
- Get a project code if needed (or start the process)
## Useful contacts
## 11. Useful contacts
Experimental set-up, task, equipment etc.
- If you have any questions about stimulus presentation equipment please get in touch with Seb (
......@@ -118,7 +134,8 @@ MRI sequences that you will use
Analysis plans
- If you have any questions about analysis please contact Taylor (
Reproducibility and output (protocol, data, code and task) sharing plans ("open science")
Reproducibility and output sharing plans ("open science")
- Your outputs of your project are more than just a paper at the end. They include your experimental protocol, your data, your code and your tasks. We can help you turn these outputs into practical tools for you and your lab to efficiently reuse,
- If you have any questions relating to open science practices, including how to use the WIN open science infrastructure, please contact Cassandra (
You do not need to have ethical approval in place before you do your WIP (although it is needed before you can start your study)
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