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## Who can use calpendo
Available to all WIN members. But you need to create an account...
### How to get an account
Go to ...
Once your booking has been created, you will receive an email with the subject:
> Your booking on WIN Wednesdays has been sent to Resource Managers for approval
Accounts may be suspended if there is no calepndo activity for \> 1 year. If your account has been suspended, please contact...
Admins will then review your booking to check the information is complete and the lecture release document has been signed.
Creating accounts requires the manual intervention of WIN Administrators. This means it is not instantaneous. Please allow 1 week for your account to be created. Please contact ... to follow up if your account has not been created in \> 1 week following your request.
Speaker recording release available from here: Choose the MS Word .docx version, or .pdf if MS Word is not available. If using the .pdf, please create text boxes an write over the appropriate white spaces.
# For WIP Bookers
## How to book a WIP
Bookings can be made until 17:00 Friday before the next Wednesday?
You can book, edit and cancel all yourself.
1. Create account (described above)
2. Log into using Shibboleth
3. Select the WIN Wednesday resource
4. Search for a date (Wednesdays, term time) which is showing as available
5. Double click to book your presentation
6. Complete all fields. Add the description "WIP Presentation"
7. Add an accurate Title, Abstract and Authors. This information will be circulated on the Monday prior to your presentation.
8. Download and sign a [speaker recording release]( A release is required for everyone who intends to present in the main part of the meeting. A release is not required for other (for example Supervisors) who only intend to be on screen during the Q&A as this will not be recorded. Choose the MS Word .docx version, or .pdf if MS Word is not available. If using the .pdf, please create text boxes to write over the appropriate white spaces.
9. Upload your signed release(s) to your calpendo booking.
10. Submit. Wait for confirmation email that booking has been sent for approval.
11. Once approved...
## How to amend or cancel your WIP
# For WIN Wednesday Coordinators
Book out your slots as allocated by Andrew Galloway as early as possible (to avoid accidental clashes). Follow the procedure described above for WIP presentation. In the description, enter your speak theme, e.g. "WIN Educational".
# For Admins
We can create a booking outside of the template range, enabling one-off or extraordinary sessions. Note admin bookings will automatically be approved.
Approval process
## Allocate bookings to WIN Wednesday themes
Before the start of the year, allocate to each of the speaker themes (e.g. EDI, Educational) as required. Communicate dates with WIN Wednesday Coordinators and ask them to book their slots. Book out sessions where no room for WIPs as required.
## Approval process
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