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......@@ -17,7 +17,13 @@ Added
* The default behaviour of the :func:`` function (and hence
that of all :mod:`fsl.wrappers` functions) has been changed so that the
standard output and error of the called command is now forwarded to the
calling Python process, in addition to being returned from ``run`` as
strings. In other words, the default behaviour of ``run('cmd')``, is now
equivalent to ``run('cmd', log={"tee":True})``. The previous default
behaviour can be achieved with ``run('cmd', log={"tee":False})``.
* The :func:`` and :func:`` functions
(and hence all :mod:`fsl.wrappers` functions) have been modified to use
``fsl.wrappers.fsl_sub`` instead of ``fsl.utils.fslsub.submit``. This is an
......@@ -32,6 +38,9 @@ Deprecated
* :class:`fsl.utils.fslsub.SubmitParams` and :func:`fsl.utils.fslsub.submit`
have been deprecated in favour of using the ``fsl.wrappers.fsl_sub`` wrapper
* The :func:`` function has been deprecated in favour of
using the ```` function, from the separate `fsl_sub
<>`_ Python library.
3.6.4 (Tuesday 3rd August 2021)
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