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RF,ENH: Rewrite gifti.relatedFiles to support BIDS-style naming conventions

parent 87844728
......@@ -25,12 +25,14 @@ are available:
import glob
import re
import os.path as op
import numpy as np
import nibabel as nib
import fsl.utils.path as fslpath
import fsl.utils.bids as bids
import as constants
import as fslmesh
......@@ -45,6 +47,15 @@ EXTENSION_DESCRIPTIONS = ['GIFTI surface file', 'GIFTI file']
"""A description for each of the :data:`ALLOWED_EXTENSIONS`. """
"""File suffixes which are interpreted as GIFTI vertex data files,
containing data values for every vertex in the mesh.
class GiftiMesh(fslmesh.Mesh):
"""Class which represents a GIFTI surface image. This is essentially
just a 3D model made of triangles.
......@@ -262,7 +273,7 @@ def prepareGiftiVertexData(darrays, filename=None):
intents = set([d.intent for d in darrays])
intents = {d.intent for d in darrays}
if len(intents) != 1:
raise ValueError('{} contains multiple (or no) intents'
......@@ -301,45 +312,109 @@ def relatedFiles(fname, ftypes=None):
directory which appear to be related with the given one. Files which
share the same prefix are assumed to be related to the given file.
This function assumes that the GIFTI files are named according to a
standard convention - the following conventions are supported:
- HCP-style, i.e.: ``<subject>.<hemi>.<type>.<space>.<ftype>.gii``
- BIDS-style, i.e.:
If the files are not named according to one of these conventions, this
function will return an empty list.
:arg fname: Name of the file to search for related files for
:arg ftype: If provided, only files with suffixes in this list are
searched for. Defaults to files which contain vertex data.
searched for. Defaults to :attr:`VERTEX_DATA_EXTENSIONS`.
if ftypes is None:
ftypes = ['.func.gii', '.shape.gii', '.label.gii', '.time.gii']
# We want to return all files in the same
# directory which have the following name:
path = op.abspath(fname)
dirname, fname = op.split(path)
# We want to identify all files in the same
# directory which are associated with the
# given file. We assume that the files are
# named according to one of the following
# conventions:
# [subj].[hemi].[type].*.[ftype]
# - HCP style:
# <subject>.<hemi>.<type>.<space>.<ftype>.gii
# where
# - [subj] is the subject ID, and matches fname
# - BIDS style:
# <source_prefix>_hemi-<hemi>[_space-<space>]*.<ftype>.gii
# - [hemi] is the hemisphere, and matches fname
# We cannot assume consistent ordering of
# the entities (key-value pairs) within a
# BIDS style filename, so we cannot simply
# use a regular expression or glob pattern.
# Instead, for each style we define:
# - [type] defines the file contents
# - a "matcher" function, which tests
# whether the file matches the style,
# and returns the important elements
# from the file name.
# - suffix is func, shape, label, time, or `ftype`
path = op.abspath(fname)
dirname, fname = op.split(path)
# get the [subj].[hemi] prefix
subj, hemi, _ = fname.split('.', 2)
prefix = '.'.join((subj, hemi))
except Exception:
# - a "searcher" function, which takes
# the elements of the input file
# that were extracted by the matcher,
# and searches for other related files
# HCP style - extract "<subject>.<hemi>"
# and "<space>".
def matchhcp(f):
pat = r'^(.*\.[LR])\..*\.(.*)\..*\.gii$'
match = re.match(pat, f)
if match:
return match.groups()
return None
def searchhcp(match, ftype):
prefix, space = match
template = '{}.*.{}{}'.format(prefix, space, ftype)
return glob.glob(op.join(dirname, template))
# BIDS style - extract all entities (kv
# pairs), ignoring specific irrelevant
# ones.
def matchbids(f):
try: match = bids.BIDSFile(f)
except ValueError: return None
match.entities.pop('desc', None)
return match
def searchbids(match, ftype):
allfiles = glob.glob(op.join(dirname, '*{}'.format(ftype)))
for f in allfiles:
try: bf = bids.BIDSFile(f)
except ValueError: continue
if bf.match(match, False):
yield f
# find the first style that matches
matchers = [matchhcp, matchbids]
searchers = [searchhcp, searchbids]
for matcher, searcher in zip(matchers, searchers):
match = matcher(fname)
if match:
# Give up if the file does
# not match any known style.
return []
# Build a list of files in the same
# directory and matching the template
related = []
for ftype in ftypes:
hits = glob.glob(op.join(dirname, '{}*{}'.format(prefix, ftype)))
hits = searcher(match, ftype)
# eliminate dupes
related.extend([h for h in hits if h not in related])
# exclude the file itself
return [r for r in related if r != path]
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