Commit b57dfd23 authored by Paul McCarthy's avatar Paul McCarthy 🚵
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Removed dead code - getFileGroups will never return an empty list. Also

simplified a little bit of code in getFileGroup
parent ee216387
......@@ -293,7 +293,7 @@ def getFileGroup(path,
extensions in the group are returned.
:arg unambiguous: Defaults to ``False``. If ``True``, and the path
is not unambiguouosly part of one group, or part of
is not unambiguously part of one group, or part of
no groups, a :exc:`PathError` is raised.
Otherwise, the path is returned.
......@@ -318,12 +318,13 @@ def getFileGroup(path,
groupFiles = [base + s for s in group]
exist = [op.exists(f) for f in groupFiles]
if any(exist): partialMatches += 1
if all(exist): fullMatches += 1
else: continue
if any(exist):
partialMatches += 1
matchedGroups .append(group)
if all(exist):
fullMatches += 1
matchedGroups .append(group)
# Path is not part of any group
if partialMatches == 0:
......@@ -410,11 +411,7 @@ def removeDuplicates(paths, allowedExts=None, fileGroups=None):
groupFiles = getFileGroup(path, allowedExts, fileGroups)
if len(groupFiles) == 0:
if path not in unique:
elif not any([p in unique for p in groupFiles]):
if not any([p in unique for p in groupFiles]):
return unique
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