Commit cced3d12 authored by Martin Craig's avatar Martin Craig Committed by Paul McCarthy
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Rename input parameter and add return docstring

parent a7c0dfd5
......@@ -398,16 +398,18 @@ def wslpath(patharg):
Convert a command line argument containing a Windows path to the equivalent WSL path (e.g. ``c:\\Users`` -> ``/mnt/c/Users``)
:param patharg: Command line argument which may (or may not) contain a Windows path. It is assumed to be
either of the form <windows path> or --arg=<windows path>
either of the form <windows path> or --<arg>=<windows path>
:return: If ``patharg`` matches a Windows path, the converted argument (including the --<arg>= portion). Otherwise
returns ``patharg`` unchanged.
match = re.match("^(--[\w-]+=)?([a-zA-z]):(.+)$", path)
match = re.match("^(--[\w-]+=)?([a-zA-z]):(.+)$", patharg)
if match:
arg, drive, path =, 2, 3)
if arg is None:
arg = ""
return arg + "/mnt/" + drive.lower() + path.replace("\\", "/")
return path
return patharg
def wait(job_ids):
"""Proxy for :func:`.fslsub.wait`. """
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