Commit 98c3e929 authored by Fidel Alfaro Almagro's avatar Fidel Alfaro Almagro
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Make autoPtx use parallel in the CPU version

parent 3a78bf1c
...@@ -47,7 +47,9 @@ while read line ; do ...@@ -47,7 +47,9 @@ while read line ; do
echo "$execPath/bb_trackSubjectStruct $1/dMRI $struct $nseed $MNI_to_FA_warp $FA_to_MNI_warp CPU" echo "$execPath/bb_trackSubjectStruct $1/dMRI $struct $nseed $MNI_to_FA_warp $FA_to_MNI_warp CPU"
done < $structures > jobs.txt done < $structures > jobs.txt
job=`${FSLDIR}/bin/fsl_sub -q $3 -N "bb_autoPtx_${1}" -l $logDir/autoPtx $holdJob -t jobs.txt` #job=`${FSLDIR}/bin/fsl_sub -q $3 -N "bb_autoPtx_${1}" -l $logDir/autoPtx $holdJob -t jobs.txt`
job=`${FSLDIR}/bin/fsl_sub -q $3 -N "bb_autoPtx_${1}" -l $logDir/autoPtx $holdJob sleep 1`
cat jobs.txt | parallel > $logDir/bb_autoPtx_tracts_out.txt 2> $logDir/bb_autoPtx_tracts_err.txt
. $BB_BIN_DIR/bb_pipeline_tools/bb_set_footer . $BB_BIN_DIR/bb_pipeline_tools/bb_set_footer
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