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TEST: I spent an hour trying to get coverage working with subprocess calls, when

I could have just done this all along. Not capturing the __main__ class, but
most of the way there
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......@@ -89,3 +89,16 @@ def test_runAsAdmin():
assert op.exists(op.join(dldir, ''))
assert op.exists(op.join(destdir, 'a', 'b'))
assert op.exists(op.join(destdir, 'c', 'd'))
def test_lookup():
assert admin.lookup('downloadFile') is routines.downloadFile
def test_main():
with tempdir():
make_archive('', 'a/b', 'c/d')
admin.main(('extractArchive', '', '.'))
assert op.exists(op.join('a', 'b'))
assert op.exists(op.join('c', 'd'))
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