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Merge branch 'rf/miinconda-install-dir' into 'master'

Rf/miinconda install dir

See merge request fsl/conda/fsl-ci-rules!101
parents edd1f327 9c02e65b
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ import subprocess as sp
import yaml
__version__ = '0.19.0'
__version__ = '0.19.1'
"""Current version of the fsl-ci-rules."""
......@@ -73,12 +73,15 @@
# If running on docker, install fsl-ci-rules
# directly into the miniconda base environment.
# Otherwise create a conda env in the job work
# dir, and install fsl-ci-rules into it
# dir, and install fsl-ci-rules into it. If
# conda is not on $PATH, assume it is in
# ${HOME}/miniconda3/
- if [ "$DOCKER" == "0" ]; then
CONDADIR=$(dirname $(which conda))/../bin/;
conda create -y -p ${FSL_CI_CONFIG_DIR}/env -c conda-forge python=3.9 conda-build;
CONDABIN=$(which conda || echo "${HOME}/miniconda3/bin/conda");
CONDADIR=$(dirname ${CONDABIN})/../bin/;
${CONDABIN} create -y -p ${FSL_CI_CONFIG_DIR}/env -c conda-forge python=3.9 conda-build;
if [ -f "${CONDADIR}"/activate ]; then source ${CONDADIR}/activate ${FSL_CI_CONFIG_DIR}/env;
else conda activate ${FSL_CI_CONFIG_DIR}/env; fi;
else ${CONDABIN} activate ${FSL_CI_CONFIG_DIR}/env; fi;
- if [ "$CI_PROJECT_PATH" == "fsl/conda/fsl-ci-rules" ]; then
python -m pip install .;
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