Commit 38e6c1b9 authored by Paul McCarthy's avatar Paul McCarthy 🚵
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BF,RF: Wrong file name when downloading miniconda; small tweaks to ease testing

parent 2db84cc0
......@@ -1010,14 +1010,14 @@ class Process(object):
return proc
def list_available_versions(ctx):
def list_available_versions(manifest):
"""Lists available FSL versions. """
printmsg('Available FSL versions:', EMPHASIS)
for version in ctx.manifest['versions']:
for version in manifest['versions']:
if version == 'latest':
printmsg(version, IMPORTANT, EMPHASIS)
for build in ctx.manifest['versions'][version]:
for build in manifest['versions'][version]:
if build.get('cuda', '').strip() != '':
template = ' {platform} [CUDA {cuda}]'
......@@ -1044,7 +1044,7 @@ def download_miniconda(ctx):
# Download
printmsg('Downloading miniconda from {}...'.format(url))
with Progress('MB', transform=Progress.bytes_to_mb) as prog:
download_file(url, '', prog.update)
download_file(url, '', prog.update)
if not ctx.args.no_checksum:
sha256('', checksum)
......@@ -1305,14 +1305,14 @@ def configure_matlab(homedir, fsldir):
patch_file(startup_m, '% FSL Setup', len(cfg.split('\n')), cfg)
def self_update(ctx):
def self_update(manifest, workdir, checksum):
"""Checks to see if a newer version of the installer (this script) is
available and if so, downloads it to a temporary file, and runs it in
place of this script.
thisver = Version(__version__)
latestver = Version(ctx.manifest['installer']['version'])
latestver = Version(manifest['installer']['version'])
if latestver <= thisver:
log.debug('Installer is up to date (this vesrion: %s, '
......@@ -1323,14 +1323,19 @@ def self_update(ctx):
'(%s) - self-updating', latestver)
tmpf = tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile(
prefix='new_fslinstaller', delete=False, dir=ctx.args.workdir)
prefix='new_fslinstaller', delete=False, dir=workdir)
tmpf =
download_file(ctx.manifest['installer']['url'], tmpf)
download_file(manifest['installer']['url'], tmpf)
if not ctx.args.no_checksum:
sha256(tmpf, ctx.manifest['installer']['sha256'])
if checksum:
sha256(tmpf, manifest['installer']['sha256'])
except Exception as e:
printmsg('New installer file does not match expected '
'checksum! Skipping update.', WARNING)
cmd = [sys.executable, tmpf] + sys.argv[1:]
log.debug('Running new installer: %s', cmd)
......@@ -1646,14 +1651,14 @@ def main(argv=None):
log.debug(' '.join(sys.argv))
if not args.no_self_update:
self_update(ctx.manifest, args.workdir, not args.no_checksum)
printmsg('FSL installer version:', EMPHASIS, UNDERLINE, end='')
printmsg(' {}'.format(__version__))
printmsg('Press CTRL+C at any time to cancel installation', INFO)
if args.listversions:
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