Commit 51a7d5b9 authored by Paul McCarthy's avatar Paul McCarthy 🚵
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Merge branch 'bf/update-manifest' into 'master'

CI: Run checkout in tempdir

See merge request fsl/conda/installer!7
parents 843f8266 6872363c
......@@ -60,11 +60,12 @@ def update_manifest(version):
def checkout_and_update_manifest(server, token, tag, base_branch):
manifest_url = gen_repository_url(MANIFEST_PATH, server, token)
branch = f'mnt/installer-{tag}'
branch = f'mnt/{base_branch}/installer-{tag}'
branch = gen_branch_name(branch, MANIFEST_PATH, server, token)
msg = COMMIT_MSG.format(tag)
sprun(f'git clone {manifest_url} manifest')
with tempdir():
sprun(f'git clone {manifest_url} manifest')
with indir('manifest'):
sprun(f'git config {USERNAME}')
sprun(f'git config {EMAIL}')
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