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RF: monitor_progress needs to call poll so that returncode gets set; change to

manifest to support progress reporting on updates; monitor_progress forces
progress spinner if total output lines not known
parent 36a7d0a3
......@@ -593,8 +593,12 @@ class Progress(object):
self.__last_spin = this
def count(self, value):
value = self.fmt(value)
line = '{}{} ...'.format(value, self.label)
if self.label is None: line = '{} ...'.format(value)
else: line = '{}{} ...'.format(value, self.label)
printmsg(line, end='\r')
def progress(self, value, total):
......@@ -796,10 +800,10 @@ class Process(object):
# threads for consuming stdout/stderr
self.stdout_thread = threading.Thread(
args=(self.popen, self.stdoutq, cmd, 'stdout', log_output))
args=(self.popen.stdout, self.stdoutq, cmd, 'stdout', log_output))
self.stderr_thread = threading.Thread(
args=(self.popen, self.stderrq, cmd, 'stderr', log_output))
args=(self.popen.stderr, self.stderrq, cmd, 'stderr', log_output))
self.stdout_thread.daemon = True
self.stderr_thread.daemon = True
......@@ -879,18 +883,20 @@ class Process(object):
transform=Progress.percent) as prog:
proc = Process(cmd, *args, **kwargs)
nlines = 0
nlines = 0 if total else None
prog.update(nlines, total)
while proc.returncode is None:
line = proc.stdoutq.get(timeout=0.5)
nlines += 1
nlines = (nlines + 1) if total else None
except queue.Empty:
prog.update(nlines, total)
# force progress bar to 100% when finished
if proc.returncode == 0:
......@@ -900,20 +906,17 @@ class Process(object):
def forward_stream(popen, queue, cmd, streamname, log_output):
def forward_stream(stream, queue, cmd, streamname, log_output):
"""Reads lines from stream and pushes them onto queue until popen
is finished. Logs every line.
:arg popen: subprocess.Popen object
:arg stream: stream to forward
:arg queue: queue.Queue to push lines onto
:arg cmd: string - the command that is running
:arg streamname: string - 'stdout' or 'stderr'
:arg log_output: If True, log all stdout/stderr.
if streamname == 'stdout': stream = popen.stdout
else: stream = popen.stderr
while True:
line = stream.readline().decode('utf-8')
if line == '':
......@@ -1051,20 +1054,28 @@ def install_miniconda(ctx):
ctx.need_admin, ctx)
def install_fsl(ctx):
def install_fsl(ctx, update_from=None):
"""Install FSL into ctx.destdir (which is assumed to be a miniconda
This function assumes that it is run within a temporary/scratch directory.
:arg update_from: FSL version string of existing installation that is
being updated, or None if this is a new installation.
build =
url = build['environment']
checksum = build['sha256']
output = build.get('output', None)
if output == '': output = None
else: output = int(output)
# expected number of output lines
# for new install or upgrade, used
# for progress reporting
if update_from is None:
output = build.get('output', {}).get('install', None)
output = build.get('output', {}).get(update_from, None)
if output in ('', None): output = None
else: output = int(output)
printmsg('Downloading FSL environment specification '
'from {}...'.format(url))
......@@ -1281,15 +1292,15 @@ def update_destdir(ctx):
installation, and determines / asks the user whether they want to update
Returns True if the existing FSL installation should be updated, False
if it should be overwritten.
Returns the old FSL version string if the existing FSL installation
should be updated, or None if it should be overwritten.
installed = read_fslversion(ctx.destdir)
# Cannot detect a FSL installation
if installed is None:
return False
return None
printmsg('Existing FSL installation [version {}] detected '
......@@ -1303,7 +1314,7 @@ def update_destdir(ctx):
if installed < updateable:
printmsg('FSL version {} is too old to update - you will '
'need to overwrite it'.format(installed), INFO)
return False
return None
# Existing install is equal to
# or newer than requested
......@@ -1328,24 +1339,20 @@ def update_destdir(ctx):
# again if they want to overwrite destdir
if response.lower() in ('y', 'yes'):
ctx.args.overwrite = True
return False
return None
printmsg('Aborting installation', ERROR, EMPHASIS)
# --update -> don't prompt
if ctx.args.update:
return True
return str(installed)
response = prompt('Would you like to upgrade from version {} to '
'version {} [y/N]?'.format(installed, requested),
if response.lower() in ('y', 'yes'):
# We don't maintain expected #lines for
# upgrades, so can't report progress'output', None)
return True
return str(installed)
printmsg('Aborting installation', ERROR, EMPHASIS)
......@@ -1513,31 +1520,31 @@ def main(argv=None):
update = False
update_from = None
with tempdir(args.workdir):
# Ask the user if they want to update or
# overwrite an existing installation
if op.exists(ctx.destdir):
update = update_destdir(ctx)
update_from = update_destdir(ctx)
if not update:
if not update_from:
if update: action = 'Updating'
else: action = 'Installing'
if update_from: action = 'Updating'
else: action = 'Installing'
printmsg('\n{} FSL in {}\n'.format(action, ctx.destdir), EMPHASIS)
if not update:
if not update_from:
install_fsl(ctx, update_from)
if not (update or args.no_shell): configure_shell( ctx)
if not (update or args.no_matlab): configure_matlab(ctx)
if not (update_from or args.no_shell): configure_shell( ctx)
if not (update_from or args.no_matlab): configure_matlab(ctx)
printmsg('\nFSL successfully installed\n', IMPORTANT)
if not args.no_env:
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