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MNT: remove update functionality - will be handled by a separate script

parent e99a80cf
......@@ -2,9 +2,20 @@
# FSL installer script.
"""This is the FSL installation script. It can be used to install FSL, or
to update an existing FSL installation. This script can be executed with
Python 2.7 or newer.
"""This is the FSL installation script, which can be used to install FSL.
This script must:
- be able to be executed with Python 2.7 or newer.
- be able to be executed in a "vanilla" Python environment, with no third
party dependencies.
- be self-contained, with no dependencies on any other modules (apart from
the Python standard library).
- be importable as a Python module - this script contains functions and
classes that are used by other scripts in the fslinstaller package.
......@@ -85,12 +96,6 @@ internal/development FSL releases.
"""Oldest conda-based FSL version that can be updated in-place by this
installer script. Versions older than this will need to be overwritten.
class Version(object):
"""Class to represent and compare version strings. Accepted version
......@@ -117,7 +122,7 @@ class Version(object):
def __eq__(self, other):
for sn, on in zip(self.components, other.components):
if sn != on:
return False
return False
return len(self.components) == len(other.components)
def __lt__(self, other):
......@@ -154,14 +159,6 @@ class Context(object):
self.__need_admin = None
self.__admin_password = None
# These attributes are set by main - exists is
# a flag denoting whether the dest dir already
# exists, and update is the version string of
# the existing FSL installation if the user
# has selected to update it, or None otherwise.
self.exists = False
self.update = None
# If the destination directory already exists,
# and the user chooses to overwrite it, it is
# moved so that, if the installation fails, it
......@@ -1449,13 +1446,10 @@ def install_fsl(ctx):
# expected number of output lines for new
# install or upgrade, used for progress
# reporting. If manifest does not contain
# expected #lines, we fall back to a spinner.
if ctx.update is None:
output ='output', {}).get('install', None)
output ='output', {}).get(ctx.update, None)
# install, used for progress reporting.
# If manifest does not contain expected
# #lines, we fall back to a spinner.
output ='output', {}).get(ctx.update, None)
if output in ('', None): output = None
else: output = int(output)
......@@ -1724,96 +1718,11 @@ def read_fslversion(destdir):
with open(fslversion, 'rt') as f:
fslversion = f.readline().split(':')[0]
except Exception:
return None
return fslversion
def update_destdir(ctx):
"""Called by main. Checks if the destination directory is an FSL
installation, and determines / asks the user whether they want to update
Returns the old FSL version string if the existing FSL installation
should be updated, or None if it should be overwritten.
Note: This functionality is not currently supported - the --update
command-line option is hidden for the time being.
installed = read_fslversion(ctx.destdir)
# Cannot detect a FSL installation
if installed is None:
return None
printmsg('Existing FSL installation [version {}] detected '
'at {}'.format(installed, ctx.destdir), INFO)
installed = Version(installed)
requested = Version(['version'])
updateable = Version(FIRST_FSL_CONDA_RELEASE)
# Too old (pre-conda)
if installed < updateable:
printmsg('FSL version {} is too old to update - you will need '
'to overwrite/re-install FSL'.format(installed), INFO)
return None
# Existing install is equal to
# or newer than requested
if installed >= requested:
if installed == requested:
msg = '\nFSL version {installed} is already installed!'
promptmsg = 'Do you want to re-install FSL {installed} [y/N]?'
msg = '\nInstalled version [{installed}] is newer than ' \
'the requested version [{requested}]!'
promptmsg = 'Do you want to replace your existing version ' \
'[{installed}] with an older version [{requested}] ' \
msg = msg .format(installed=installed, requested=requested)
promptmsg = promptmsg.format(installed=installed, requested=requested)
printmsg(msg, WARNING, EMPHASIS)
response = prompt(promptmsg, QUESTION, EMPHASIS)
# Overwrite/re-install - don't ask user
# again if they want to overwrite destdir
if response.lower() in ('y', 'yes'):
ctx.args.overwrite = True
return None
printmsg('Aborting installation', ERROR, EMPHASIS)
# User specified --update -> don't prompt
if ctx.args.update:
return str(installed)
printmsg('Would you like to upgrade your existing FSL installation from '
'version {} to version {}, or replace your installation?'.format(
installed, requested), IMPORTANT, EMPHASIS)
printmsg('Upgrading an existing FSL installation is experimental '
'and might fail - replacing your installation will take '
'longer, but is usually a safer option\n', INFO)
response = prompt('Upgrade (u), replace (r), or cancel? [u/r/C]:',
if response.lower() in ('u'):
return str(installed)
# main routine will go on to ask
# if they want to overwrite
elif response.lower() in ('r'):
ctx.args.overwrite = True
return None
printmsg('Aborting installation', ERROR, EMPHASIS)
def overwrite_destdir(ctx):
"""Called by main if the destination directory already exists. Asks the
user if they want to overwrite it. If they do, or if the --overwrite
......@@ -1869,12 +1778,6 @@ def parse_args(argv=None):
'(default: install packages for all CUDA versions)',
'no_cuda' : 'Do not install any FSL CUDA packages',
# Update existing FSL installation if
# possible, without asking. This
# option is hidden/unsupported at the
# moment, but may be added in the future.
'update' : argparse.SUPPRESS,
# Username / password for accessing
# internal FSL conda channel, if an
# internal/development release is being
......@@ -2082,14 +1985,7 @@ def handle_error(ctx):
tb = traceback.format_tb(sys.exc_info()[2])
# Don't remove a failed update, despite
# it potentially being corrupt (because
# it might also be fine)
if ctx.update:
printmsg('Update failed - your FSL installation '
'might be corrupt!', WARNING, EMPHASIS)
elif op.exists(ctx.destdir):
if op.exists(ctx.destdir):
printmsg('Removing failed installation directory '
'{}'.format(ctx.destdir), WARNING)
Process.check_call('rm -r ' + ctx.destdir, ctx.need_admin, ctx)
......@@ -2142,27 +2038,17 @@ def main(argv=None):
with tempdir(args.workdir):
# Ask the user if they want to update or
# overwrite an existing installation
ctx.update = None
ctx.exists = op.exists(ctx.destdir)
if ctx.exists:
# The update facility is currently disabled.
# ctx.update = update_destdir(ctx)
if not ctx.update:
# Ask the user if they want to overwrite
# an existing installation
if op.exists(ctx.destdir):
if ctx.update: action = 'Updating'
else: action = 'Installing'
printmsg('\n{} FSL in {}\n'.format(action, ctx.destdir), EMPHASIS)
printmsg('\nInstalling FSL in {}\n'.format(ctx.destdir), EMPHASIS)
with handle_error(ctx):
if not ctx.update:
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