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# FSL installer
This repository contains:
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- ``: The FSL installer script for conda-based FSL releases
- `fsl-packages.txt`: The list of packages that are included in official FSL
This repository is the home of ``, the FSL installer script for
The `` script in this repository is the successor to the
`` script from the fsl/installer> repository.
`` script from the fsl/installer> repository. _This_ version
is for **conda-based** FSL release, from FSL version 6.0.6 onwards.
The `fsl-packages.txt` file in this repository is the successor to the
`FSL_SourceManifest.yml` file from the `fsl/FslBuildManifests` repository.
In normal usage, the `` script performs the following tasks:
1. Downloads a JSON manifest file, which contains information about available
FSL releases.
2. Asks the user where they would like to install FSL (hereafter referred to
as `$FSLDIR`)
3. Downloads a `miniconda` installer
4. Installs `miniconda` to `$FSLDIR`
5. Downloads a YAML file containing a conda environment specification for
the latest FSL version (or the version requested by the user; hereafter
referred to as `environment.yml`)
6. Installs the FSL environment by running:
$FSLDIR/bin/conda env update -n base -f environment.yml
7. Modifies the user's shell configuration so that FSL is accessible in
their shell environment.
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