Commit e5319b90 authored by Paul McCarthy's avatar Paul McCarthy 🚵
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ENH: Allow environment file to be specified at command line

parent cbb906c0
......@@ -1042,6 +1042,9 @@ def download_fsl_environment(ctx):
"""Downloads the environment specification file for the selected FSL
If the (hidden) --environment option is provided, the specified file
is used instead.
Internal/development FSL versions may source packages from the internal
FSL conda channel, which requires a username+password to authenticate.
......@@ -1052,17 +1055,22 @@ def download_fsl_environment(ctx):
are prompted for them.
build =
url = build['environment']
checksum = build['sha256']
if ctx.args.environment is None:
build =
url = build['environment']
checksum = build['sha256']
build = {}
url = ctx.args.environment
checksum = None
printmsg('Downloading FSL environment specification '
'from {}...'.format(url))
fname = url.split('/')[-1]
download_file(url, fname)
ctx.environment_file = op.abspath(fname)
if not ctx.args.no_checksum:
sha256(fname, build['sha256'])
if (checksum is not None) and (not ctx.args.no_checksum):
sha256(fname, checksum)
# Environment files for internal/dev FSL versions
# will list the internal FSL conda channel with
......@@ -1599,9 +1607,17 @@ def parse_args(argv=None):
# Do not automatically update the installer script,
'no_self_update' : argparse.SUPPRESS,
# Path to local installer manifest file
# Path to alternative FSL release manifest.
'manifest' : argparse.SUPPRESS,
# Path to FSL conda environment.yml file.
# Using this option will cause the
# --fslversion and --cuda options to be
# ignored. It is assumed that the
# environment file is compatible with the
# host platform.
'environment' : argparse.SUPPRESS,
# Print debugging messages
'debug' : argparse.SUPPRESS,
......@@ -1651,6 +1667,7 @@ def parse_args(argv=None):
parser.add_argument('--manifest', default=FSL_INSTALLER_MANIFEST,
parser.add_argument('--environment', help=helps['environment'])
parser.add_argument('--no_self_update', action='store_true',
......@@ -1681,9 +1698,11 @@ def parse_args(argv=None):
if not op.exists(args.workdir):
# accept local path for manifest
# accept local path for manifest and environment
if args.manifest is not None and op.exists(args.manifest):
args.manifest = op.abspath(args.manifest)
if args.environment is not None and op.exists(args.environment):
args.environment = op.abspath(args.environment)
return args
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