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MNT: Remove --cuda/--no_cuda options - decision has been made to ship for a

single CUDA version for the time being
parent 74b34b3c
......@@ -1215,9 +1215,8 @@ def download_fsl_environment(ctx):
If the user has not provided a username+password on the command-line, they
are prompted for them.
The downloaded environment file may be modified - if the user has requested
a specific CUDA version, or no CUDA packages (--cuda or --no_cuda), all
CUDA packages are removed from the environment file.
The downloaded environment file may be modified - if the (hidden)
--exclude_package option has been used.
build =
......@@ -1312,8 +1311,7 @@ def download_fsl_environment(ctx):
# Include/exclude packages upon user request
pkgname = line.strip(' -').split()[0]
exclude = match_any(pkgname, ctx.args.exclude_package)
include = match_any(pkgname, ctx.args.include_package)
if exclude and not include:
if exclude:
log.debug('Excluding package %s (matched '
'--exclude_package %s)', line, exclude)
......@@ -1774,9 +1772,6 @@ def parse_args(argv=None):
'no_shell' : 'Do not modify your shell configuration',
'no_matlab' : 'Do not modify your MATLAB configuration',
'fslversion' : 'Install this specific version of FSL',
'cuda' : 'Install FSL packages for this CUDA version only '
'(default: install packages for all CUDA versions)',
'no_cuda' : 'Do not install any FSL CUDA packages',
# Username / password for accessing
# internal FSL conda channel, if an
......@@ -1853,14 +1848,6 @@ def parse_args(argv=None):
parser.add_argument('-V', '--fslversion', default='latest',
# CUDA packages are currently
# only built for linux-64
if Context.identify_platform() == 'linux-64':
parser.add_argument('-c', '--cuda', help=helps['cuda'],
type=float, metavar='X.Y')
parser.add_argument('-nc', '--no_cuda', help=helps['no_cuda'],
# hidden options
parser.add_argument('--username', help=helps['username'])
parser.add_argument('--password', help=helps['password'])
......@@ -1916,26 +1903,6 @@ def parse_args(argv=None):
if args.exclude_package is None:
args.exclude_package = []
# The download_fsl_environment function also checks
# package names against this "include_package" list,
# although it is not exposed on the command
# line. This is used to override any patterns in
# exclude_package, and is currently used to select
# packages for a specific CUDA version.
# All FSL cuda packages have a name ending with
# "-cuda-X.Y".
args.include_package = []
# args.[cuda|no_cuda] won't be added on macOS
cuda = getattr(args, 'cuda', None)
no_cuda = getattr(args, 'no_cuda', False)
if cuda is not None:
if no_cuda or (cuda is not None):
# accept local path for manifest and environment
if args.manifest is not None and op.exists(args.manifest):
args.manifest = op.abspath(args.manifest)
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