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# Conda recipe for building VTK 7
# Instructions for use
## Instructions for use
1. Install miniconda
2. Update conda
`conda update conda`
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`git clone`
6. On Centos:
`for i in conda_vtk_recipe; do yum -y install $i; done`
7. On macOS install the SDK you wish to have as the earliest supported release:
1. SDKs are available here
2. Download the required version, e.g. MacOSX10.9.sdk.tar.xz
3. Unpack this to an appropriate location
7. Make the jsoncpp project available:
`conda config --add channels`
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`conda config --add channels \`
8. Ensure that zlib-devel is **not** installed (this causes cmake issues with
using the conda provided zlib
`yum remove zlib-devel`
9. Create build/test environment
`conda create -n vtk_test python=3.5`
10. Build
`conda build conda_vtk_recipe`
11. Upload the generated tar.bz2 file (path is revealed in the last few lines of
the build) to the web server (use the channel/osx-64 or channel/linux-64
as appropriate) and then run:
`conda index channels/*`
on the web server in the parent.
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