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Initial instructions (incomplete)

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# Conda recipe for building VTK 7
# Instructions for use
1. Install miniconda
2. Update conda
`conda update conda`
3. Install conda-build
`conda install conda-build`
4. Update conda-build
`conda update conda-build`
5. Clone this repo
`git clone`
6. On Centos:
`for i in conda_vtk_recipe; do yum -y install $i; done`
7. On macOS install the SDK you wish to have as the earliest supported release:
1. SDKs are available here
2. Download the required version, e.g. MacOSX10.9.sdk.tar.xz
3. Unpack it into:
4. Edit:
to specify the earlier version as the minimum
7. Make the jsoncpp project available:
`conda config --add channels`
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