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Amended usage to reflect -h/-m changes

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......@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ Usage for each stage separately, including creation of training data:
testing using existing hand classifictions.
Every Melodic directory must contain hand_labels_noise.txt listing the artefact components, e.g.: [1, 4, 99, ... 140].
fix -a <mel.ica/fix4melview_TRAIN_thr.txt> [-m [-h <highpass>]] [-A]
fix -a <mel.ica/fix4melview_TRAIN_thr.txt> [-m] [-h <highpass>] [-A]
Apply cleanup, using artefacts listed in the .txt file, to the data inside the enclosing Feat/Melodic directory.
-h -1 apply no highpass filtering.
-h 0 apply linear detrending only.
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