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Merge branch 'enh/dynamic_improved_init' into 'master'

ENH: Add manual or mean initialisation to the dynamic fitting initilisation.

See merge request !31
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......@@ -171,3 +171,32 @@ def test_dynMRS_fit_mcmc(fixed_ratio_mrs):
concs = res['result'].data_frame.filter(like='conc').mean(axis=0).to_numpy()
assert np.allclose(concs, [1, 1, 1, 1], atol=0.1)
def test_dynMRS_mean_fit_init(fixed_ratio_mrs):
mrs_list = fixed_ratio_mrs
dyn_obj = dyn.dynMRS(
[0, 1],
metab_groups=[0, 0],
# check mean fit gives same results as fit of the mean mrs lsit
from fsl_mrs.utils.preproc.combine import combine_FIDs
from fsl_mrs.utils import fitting
from copy import deepcopy
mean_fid = combine_FIDs([mrs.FID for mrs in dyn_obj.mrs_list], 'mean')
mean_mrs = deepcopy(dyn_obj.mrs_list[0])
mean_mrs.FID = mean_fid
meanres = fitting.fit_FSLModel(mean_mrs, method='Newton', **dyn_obj._fit_args)
assert np.allclose(meanres.params, dyn_obj.fit_mean_spectrum())
# Check the init produces the same results via both interfaces
init1 = dyn_obj.initialise(indiv_init=meanres.params)
init2 = dyn_obj.initialise(indiv_init='mean')
assert np.allclose(np.hstack(np.hstack(init1['x'])), np.hstack(np.hstack(init2['x'])))
......@@ -190,17 +190,21 @@ class dynMRS(object):
return {'result': results, 'resList': res_list, 'optimisation_sol': sol}
def initialise(self, verbose=False):
def fit_mean_spectrum(self):
from fsl_mrs.utils.preproc.combine import combine_FIDs
from copy import deepcopy
mean_fid = combine_FIDs([mrs.FID for mrs in self.mrs_list], 'mean')
mean_mrs = deepcopy(self.mrs_list[0])
mean_mrs.FID = mean_fid
return fitting.fit_FSLModel(mean_mrs, method='Newton', **self._fit_args).params
def initialise(self, indiv_init=None, verbose=False):
"""Initialise the dynamic fitting using seperate fits of each spectrum.
:param model: Spectral model 'lorentzian' or 'voigt', defaults to 'voigt'
:type model: str, optional
:param metab_groups: List of metabolite groupings, defaults to None
:type metab_groups: List of ints, optional
:param ppmlim: Ppm range over which to fit, defaults to (.2, 4.2)
:type ppmlim: tuple, optional
:param baseline_order: Polynomial baseline order, defaults to 2, -1 disables.
:type baseline_order: int, optional
:param indiv_init: Optional initilisation of individual fits.
Can be a numpy array of mapped parameters, 'mean' (fits the mean spectrum), or None (independent).
Defaults to None
:param verbose: Print information during fitting, defaults to False
:type verbose: bool, optional
:return: Dict containing free parameters and individual FitRes objects
......@@ -209,6 +213,9 @@ class dynMRS(object):
if verbose:
start_time = time.time()
if isinstance(indiv_init, str) and indiv_init == 'mean':
indiv_init = self.fit_mean_spectrum()
varNames = models.FSLModel_vars(self._fit_args['model'])
numMetabs = self.mrs_list[0].numBasis
numGroups = max(self._fit_args['metab_groups']) + 1
......@@ -222,7 +229,7 @@ class dynMRS(object):
for t, mrs in enumerate(self.mrs_list):
if verbose:
print(f'Initialising {t + 1}/{len(self.mrs_list)}', end='\r')
res = fitting.fit_FSLModel(mrs, method='Newton', **self._fit_args)
res = fitting.fit_FSLModel(mrs, method='Newton', x0=indiv_init, **self._fit_args)
params = x2p(res.params, numMetabs, numGroups)
for i, p in enumerate(params):
......@@ -122,7 +122,8 @@ def noiseSD(spectrum, noisemask):
def idNoiseRegion(mrs, spectrum, startingNoiseThreshold=0.001):
""" Identify noise region in given spectrum"""
normspec = np.real(spectrum) / np.max(np.real(spectrum))
with np.errstate(divide='ignore', invalid='ignore'):
normspec = np.real(spectrum) / np.max(np.real(spectrum))
noiseThreshold = startingNoiseThreshold
noiseRegion = np.abs(normspec) < noiseThreshold
# print(np.sum(noiseRegion))
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