Commit 35dbff08 authored by William Clarke's avatar William Clarke
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Fix tests.

parent ee4f2277
......@@ -28,7 +28,9 @@ def test_convert_lcmodel(tmp_path):
new_basis = mrs_io.read_basis(out_loc)
assert basis.names == new_basis.names
assert np.allclose(basis.original_basis_array, new_basis.original_basis_array)
# Check that a conjugation has taken place. This is an annoying hack at the moment because
# fsl_mrs_sim has the wrong handedness.
assert np.allclose(basis.original_basis_array, new_basis.original_basis_array.conj())
assert np.isclose(basis.original_bw, new_basis.original_bw)
assert np.isclose(,
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