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Add test and test data.

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'''FSL-MRS test script
Test the edited svs preprocessing script
Copyright Will Clarke, University of Oxford, 2021'''
import subprocess
from pathlib import Path
testsPath = Path(__file__).parent
data = testsPath / 'testdata/fsl_mrs_preproc_edit'
t1 = str(testsPath / 'testdata/svs_segment/T1.anat/T1_biascorr.nii.gz')
def test_preproc(tmp_path):
metab = str(data / 'metab_raw.nii.gz')
wrefc = str(data / 'wref_internal.nii.gz')
wrefq = str(data / 'wref_quant.nii.gz')
ecc = str(data / 'wref_internal.nii.gz')
retcode = subprocess.check_call(
'--output', str(tmp_path),
'--data', metab,
'--reference', wrefc,
'--quant', wrefq,
'--ecc', ecc,
'--t1', t1,
'--dynamic_align_ppm', '1.8', '4.2',
'--edit_align_ppm', '2.5', '4.2',
'--leftshift', '2',
assert retcode == 0
assert (tmp_path / 'diff.nii.gz').exists()
assert (tmp_path / 'edit_0.nii.gz').exists()
assert (tmp_path / 'edit_1.nii.gz').exists()
assert (tmp_path / 'wref.nii.gz').exists()
assert (tmp_path / 'options.txt').exists()
assert (tmp_path / 'mergedReports.html').exists()
assert (tmp_path / 'voxel_location.png').exists()
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