1.1.5 (Wednesday 11th August 2021)

  • Updated example MRSI data to conform to NIfTI-MRS standard.
  • Quantification will not fail if volume fractions do not sum exactly to 1.0 (to within 1E-3).
  • fixed bug in fsl_mrsi looking for TE in wrong header structure.
  • New mrs_tools command 'conjugate' to help fix NIfTI-MRS data with the wrong phase/frequency convention.
  • basis_tools remove has number of HLSVD components reduced to stop odd broad resonance behaviour.
  • fsl_mrs_proc align can now align across all higher dimension FIDs. Pass 'all' as dimension tag.
  • New command "fsl_mrs_proc model". HSLVD modelling of peaks in defined region. Number of components settable.
  • Updates to basis set simulator. Non-uniform slice select gradients are now handled.