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Merge branch 'mnt/x11-hack' into 'master'

Mnt/x11 hack

See merge request fsl/fsleyes/fsleyes!327
parents 96830499 8c024e10
......@@ -10,8 +10,21 @@ This document contains the ``fsleyes`` release history in reverse
chronological order.
1.4.3 (Tuesdsay 17th May 2022)
1.4.4 (Tuesday 17th May 2022)
* Fixed an issue with removing items from the annotation panel (!327).
* Fixed an issue with toggling ortho view canvases in VNC/SSH sessions (!327).
1.4.3 (Tuesday 17th May 2022)
......@@ -69,34 +69,3 @@ class WXGLSliceCanvas(slicecanvas.SliceCanvas,
centre = self.getDisplayCentre()
def Show(self, show):
"""Overrides ``GLCanvas.Show``. When running over SSH/X11, it doesn't
seem to be possible to hide a ``GLCanvas`` - the most recent scene
displayed on the canvas seems to persist, does not get overridden, and
gets drawn on top of other things in the interface:
.. image:: images/x11_slicecanvas_show_bug.png
:scale: 50%
:align: center
This is not ideal, and I have no idea why it occurs. The only
workaround that I've found to work is, instead of hiding the canvas,
to set its size to 0. So this method does just that.
# If not in SSH, we can just
# show/hide normally.
if not fwidgets.inSSHSession():
wxgl.GLCanvas.Show(self, show)
elif not show:
self.SetMinSize((0, 0))
self.SetMaxSize((0, 0))
self.SetSize( (0, 0))
def Hide(self):
"""Overrides ``GLCanvas.Hide``. Calls :meth:`Show`. """
......@@ -337,7 +337,10 @@ class AnnotationPanel(ctrlpanel.ControlPanel):
if self.__annotList.GetCount() > 0:
self.__annotListItemSelected(idx - 1)
self.__annotList.SetSelection(max((0, idx - 1)))
idx = self.__annotList.GetSelection()
obj = self.__annotList.GetItemData(idx)
def __onMoveUp(self, ev):
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