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DOC: Changelog

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......@@ -12,10 +12,9 @@ Added
* New functions for querying the environment at runtime, including,
:func:`.wxVersion` (not to be confused with the deprecated
:func:`.wxversion`), :func:`.wxPlatform`, :func:`.wxFlavour`, :func:`.frozen`,
:func:`.canHaveGui`, :func:`.haveGui`, :func:`.inSSHSession`,
:func:`.inVNCSession`, :func:`.glVersion`, :func:`.glRenderer`, and
:func:`.wxversion`), :func:`.wxPlatform`, :func:`.wxFlavour`,
:func:`.frozen`, :func:`.canHaveGui`, :func:`.haveGui`,
:func:`.inSSHSession`, and :func:`.inVNCSession`.
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