Commit b8d4e298 authored by Paul McCarthy's avatar Paul McCarthy 🚵
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TEST: Remove gl tests

parent 81fbc3c5
......@@ -149,27 +149,3 @@ def test_inVNCSession():
with mock.patch('os.environ', {}):
assert not fw.inVNCSession()
def test_glVersion():
assert fw.glVersion() is None
fw.glVersion.version = '2.1'
assert fw.glVersion() == '2.1'
fw.glVersion.version = None
def test_glRenderer():
assert fw.glRenderer() is None
fw.glRenderer.renderer = 'llvmpipe'
assert fw.glRenderer() == 'llvmpipe'
fw.glRenderer.renderer = None
def test_glIsSoftwareRenderer():
assert fw.glRenderer() is None
assert fw.glIsSoftwareRenderer() is None
fw.glRenderer.renderer = 'nvidia'
assert not fw.glIsSoftwareRenderer()
fw.glRenderer.renderer = 'software'
assert fw.glIsSoftwareRenderer()
fw.glRenderer.renderer = None
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