Commit c86c68af authored by Paul McCarthy's avatar Paul McCarthy 🚵
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Change BitmapRadioBox.Enable/Disable to EnableChoice/DisableChoice - former

had different semantics to, and was masking wx.Panel.Enable/Disable.
parent f365ecd1
......@@ -99,14 +99,14 @@ class BitmapRadioBox(wx.Panel):
self.__clientData = []
def Enable(self, index, enable=True):
def EnableChoice(self, index, enable=True):
"""Enable or disable the button at the specified index. """
def Disable(self, index):
def DisableChoice(self, index=None):
"""Disable the button at the specified index. """
self.Enable(index, False)
self.EnableChoice(index, False)
def Set(self, bitmaps, clientData=None):
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