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ENH: ImagePanel has option to preserve aspect ratio

parent b6638fa6
......@@ -17,15 +17,21 @@ class ImagePanel(wx.Panel):
:class:`wx.Image`. The image is scaled to the size of the panel.
def __init__(self, parent, image=None):
def __init__(self,
"""Create an ``ImagePanel``.
If the ``image`` is not passed in here, it can be set later with the
:meth:`SetImage` method.
:arg parent: The :mod:`wx` parent object.
:arg parent: The :mod:`wx` parent object.
:arg image: The :class:`wx.Image` object to display.
:arg image: The :class:`wx.Image` object to display.
:arg preserveAspect: Defaults to ``False``. If ``True``, the image
aspect ratio is preserved.
wx.Panel.__init__(self, parent)
......@@ -35,6 +41,8 @@ class ImagePanel(wx.Panel):
self.__preserveAspect = preserveAspect
def SetImage(self, image):
"""Set the image that is displayed on this ``ImagePanel``.
......@@ -70,11 +78,26 @@ class ImagePanel(wx.Panel):
if not dc.IsOk():
width, height = dc.GetSize().Get()
dwidth, dheight = dc.GetSize().Get()
if width == 0 or height == 0:
if dwidth == 0 or dheight == 0:
bitmap = self.__image.Scale(width, height).ConvertToBitmap()
if self.__preserveAspect:
iwidth, iheight = self.__image.GetSize().Get()
iratio = float(iwidth) / iheight
dratio = float(dwidth) / dheight
# canvas is too wide - reduce
# the display image width
if dratio > iratio:
dwidth = dheight / iratio
# canvas is too tall - reduce
# the display image height
elif dratio < iratio:
dheight = dwidth * iratio
bitmap = self.__image.Scale(dwidth, dheight).ConvertToBitmap()
dc.DrawBitmap(bitmap, 0, 0, False)
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