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upgrade to retina icons

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# Copyright (c) 2019.
# Taylor Hanayik University of Oxford
# Last modified: 02/08/2019, 12:45
from os.path import dirname, join, abspath
ICON_PATH = join(abspath(dirname(__file__)), "icons")
icon_add = join(ICON_PATH, "add.png")
icon_clear = join(ICON_PATH, "clear.png")
icon_code = join(ICON_PATH, "code.png")
icon_download = join(ICON_PATH, "download.png")
icon_explore = join(ICON_PATH, "explore.png")
icon_help = join(ICON_PATH, "help.png")
icon_open_folder = join(ICON_PATH, "open_folder.png")
icon_pause = join(ICON_PATH, "pause.png")
icon_play = join(ICON_PATH, "play.png")
icon_play_all = join(ICON_PATH, "play_all.png")
icon_save = join(ICON_PATH, "save.png")
icon_settings = join(ICON_PATH, "settings.png")
icon_upload = join(ICON_PATH, "upload.png")
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