Commit 16a98f34 authored by Paul McCarthy's avatar Paul McCarthy
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isFEATImage and isMelodicImage functions cleaned up. Adjustements to other

melodicanalysis functions - .gica suffix no longer recognised.
parent 1d8aba54
......@@ -70,9 +70,7 @@ def isFEATImage(path):
dirname = op.dirname( path)
filename = op.basename(path)
return filename.startswith('filtered_func_data') and \
fslimage.looksLikeImage(filename) and \
return filename.startswith('filtered_func_data') and isFEATDir(dirname)
def isFEATDir(path):
......@@ -46,19 +46,23 @@ def isMelodicImage(path):
component image file, ``False`` otherwise.
path = fslimage.addExt(path, mustExist=True)
return False
dirname = op.dirname( path)
filename = op.basename(path)
return fslimage.removeExt(filename) == 'melodic_IC' and \
return filename.startswith('melodic_IC') and isMelodicDir(dirname)
def isMelodicDir(path):
"""Returns ``True`` if the given path looks like it is contained within
a MELODIC directory, ``False`` otherwise. A melodic directory:
- Must be named ``*.ica`` or ``*.gica``.
- Must be named ``*.ica``.
- Must contain a file called ``melodic_IC.nii.gz``.
- Must contain a file called ``melodic_mix``.
- Must contain a file called ``melodic_FTmix``.
......@@ -69,7 +73,7 @@ def isMelodicDir(path):
if op.isdir(path): dirname = path
else: dirname = op.dirname(path)
sufs = ['.ica', '.gica']
sufs = ['.ica']
if not any([dirname.endswith(suf) for suf in sufs]):
return False
......@@ -93,7 +97,7 @@ def getAnalysisDir(path):
to that MELODIC directory is returned. Otherwise, ``None`` is returned.
meldir = fslpath.deepest(path, ['.ica', '.gica'])
meldir = fslpath.deepest(path, ['.ica'])
if meldir is not None and isMelodicDir(meldir):
return meldir
......@@ -140,12 +144,18 @@ def getICFile(meldir):
def getMixFile(meldir):
"""Returns the path to the melodic mix file. """
return op.join(meldir, 'melodic_mix')
mixfile = op.join(meldir, 'melodic_mix')
if op.exists(mixfile): return mixfile
else: return None
def getFTMixFile(meldir):
"""Returns the path to the melodic FT mix file. """
return op.join(meldir, 'melodic_FTmix')
ftmixfile = op.join(meldir, 'melodic_FTmix')
if op.exists(ftmixfile): return ftmixfile
else: return None
def getReportFile(meldir):
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