Commit 35f93735 authored by Michiel Cottaar's avatar Michiel Cottaar Committed by Paul McCarthy
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BUG: by default update variables for parent

parent 843304c4
......@@ -185,7 +185,7 @@ class FileTree(object):
return tuple(self.extract_variables(short_name, fn) for fn in self.get_all(short_name, glob_vars=glob_vars))
def get_all_trees(self, short_name: str, glob_vars=()) -> Tuple["FileTree"]:
def get_all_trees(self, short_name: str, glob_vars=(), set_parent=True) -> Tuple["FileTree"]:
Gets all the trees that generate the existing files matching the pattern
......@@ -195,23 +195,31 @@ class FileTree(object):
:param glob_vars: sequence of undefined variables that can take any possible values when looking for matches on the disk.
Any defined variables in `glob_vars` will be ignored.
If glob_vars is set to 'all', all undefined variables will be used to look up matches.
:param set_parent: Update the variables of the top-level rather than current tree if True.
Ony relevant if `self` is a sub-tree.
:return: sequence of FileTrees used to generate each file on disk matching the pattern of `short_name`
return tuple(self.update(**vars) for vars in self.get_all_vars(short_name, glob_vars=glob_vars))
return tuple(self.update(set_parent=set_parent, **vars)
for vars in self.get_all_vars(short_name, glob_vars=glob_vars))
def update(self, **variables) -> "FileTree":
def update(self, set_parent=True, **variables) -> "FileTree":
Creates a new FileTree with updated variables
:param set_parent: Update the variables of the top-level rather than current tree if True.
Ony relevant if `self` is a sub-tree.
:param variables: new values for the variables
Setting a variable to None will cause the variable to be unset
:return: New FileTree with same templates for directory names and filenames, but updated variables
new_tree = deepcopy(self)
set_tree = new_tree
while set_parent and set_tree.parent is not None:
set_tree = set_tree.parent
for key, value in variables.items():
if value is None:
del new_tree.variables[key]
del set_tree.variables[key]
return new_tree
def extract_variables(self, short_name: str, filename: str) -> Dict[str, str]:
......@@ -58,6 +58,17 @@ def test_parent_tree():
with pytest.raises(KeyError):
# test updating in parent tree
sub0_tree = tree.sub_trees['sub0']
same_path(sub0_tree.update(subvar='test').get('../subvar/basename'), 'subvar_test')
with pytest.raises(KeyError):
sub0_tree.update(subvar='test', set_parent=False).get('../subvar/basename')
sub0_tree = tree.update(subvar='grot').sub_trees['sub0']
same_path(sub0_tree.update(subvar='test').get('../subvar/basename'), 'subvar_test')
same_path(sub0_tree.update(subvar='test', set_parent=False).get('../subvar/basename'), 'subvar_grot')
same_path(sub0_tree.get('../subvar/basename'), 'subvar_grot')
def test_custom_tree():
directory = op.split(__file__)[0]
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