Commit 4957d7da authored by Paul McCarthy's avatar Paul McCarthy 🚵
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Clean up looksLikeImage

parent d6e4554a
...@@ -1332,12 +1332,10 @@ def looksLikeImage(filename, allowedExts=None): ...@@ -1332,12 +1332,10 @@ def looksLikeImage(filename, allowedExts=None):
extensions - defaults to :attr:`ALLOWED_EXTENSIONS`. extensions - defaults to :attr:`ALLOWED_EXTENSIONS`.
""" """
if allowedExts is None: allowedExts = ALLOWED_EXTENSIONS if allowedExts is None:
# TODO A much more robust approach would be return fslpath.hasExt(filename, allowedExts)
# to try loading the file using nibabel.
return any([filename.endswith(ext) for ext in allowedExts])
def addExt(prefix, mustExist=True, unambiguous=True): def addExt(prefix, mustExist=True, unambiguous=True):
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