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TEST: Fix windows edge case where test data is on different drive to tempdir

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......@@ -359,7 +359,10 @@ def test_imcp_script_shouldPass(move=False):
imcp_args[:-1] = [op.join(tindir, a) for a in imcp_args[:-1]]
imcp_args[ -1] = op.join(toutdir, imcp_args[-1])
imcp_args = [op.relpath(a, reldir) for a in imcp_args]
for i, a in enumerate(imcp_args):
if op.splitdrive(a)[0] == op.splitdrive(reldir)[0]:
imcp_args[i] = op.relpath(a, reldir)
print('indir before: ', os.listdir(tindir))
print('outdir before: ', os.listdir(toutdir))
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