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DOC: Note on Windows/WSL paths

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......@@ -76,6 +76,21 @@ Similarly, we can run a ``fslmaths`` command on in-memory images::
output = fslmaths(image).mas(mask).bin().run()
It is possible to run a Python script in Windows, and call FSL commands which
are installed in a WSL environment. When specifying inputs/outputs as
file/directory paths, the safest option is to use ``pathlib.Path`` objects
to ensure that they are correctly translated bewteen Windows and Linux-style
paths, e.g.::
from pathlib import Path
from fsl.wrappers import bet
bet(Path('T1\\T1.nii.gz`), Path('T1_brain'))
If you use strings to specify inputs/outputs, they must be absolute paths, as
they may otherwise not be translated correctly.
If you are *writing* wrapper functions, take a look at the
:mod:`.wrapperutils` module - it contains several useful functions and
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