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Merge branch 'rel/3.2.2' into 'v3.2'


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......@@ -2,6 +2,17 @@ This document contains the ``fslpy`` release history in reverse chronological
3.2.2 (Thursday 9th July 2020)
* The :func:`.fslsub.func_to_cmd` function allows more fine-grained control
over whether the script file is removed after the job has finished running.
3.2.1 (Tuesday 23rd June 2020)
......@@ -435,14 +435,13 @@ def hold(job_ids, hold_filename=None):
_external_job = """#!{}
_external_job = ("""#!{}
# This is a temporary file designed to run the python function {},
# so that it can be submitted to the cluster
import pickle
from six import BytesIO
from importlib import import_module
pickle_bytes = BytesIO({})
name_type, name, func_name, args, kwargs = pickle.load(pickle_bytes)
......@@ -456,15 +455,13 @@ elif name_type == 'script':
func = local_execute[func_name]
raise ValueError('Unknown name_type: %r' % name_type)
res = func(*args, **kwargs)
if res is not None:
with open(__file__ + '_out.pickle', 'w') as f:
pickle.dump(f, res)
def func_to_cmd(func, args, kwargs, tmp_dir=None, clean=False):
def func_to_cmd(func, args=None, kwargs=None, tmp_dir=None, clean="never", verbose=False):
"""Defines the command needed to run the function from the command line
WARNING: if submitting a function defined in the __main__ script,
......@@ -475,9 +472,21 @@ def func_to_cmd(func, args, kwargs, tmp_dir=None, clean=False):
:arg args: positional arguments
:arg kwargs: keyword arguments
:arg tmp_dir: directory where to store the temporary file
:arg clean: if True removes the submitted script after running it
:arg clean: Whether the script should be removed after running. There are three options:
- "never" (default): Script is kept
- "on_success": only remove if script successfully finished (i.e., no error is raised)
- "always": always remove the script, even if it raises an error
:arg verbose: If set to True, the script will print its own filename before running
:return: string which will run the function
if clean not in ('never', 'always', 'on_success'):
raise ValueError(f"Clean should be one of 'never', 'always', or 'on_success', not {clean}")
if args is None:
args = ()
if kwargs is None:
kwargs = {}
pickle_bytes = BytesIO()
if func.__module__ == '__main__':
pickle.dump(('script', importlib.import_module('__main__').__file__, func.__name__,
......@@ -485,15 +494,29 @@ def func_to_cmd(func, args, kwargs, tmp_dir=None, clean=False):
pickle.dump(('module', func.__module__, func.__name__,
args, kwargs), pickle_bytes)
python_cmd = _external_job.format(sys.executable,
_, filename = tempfile.mkstemp(prefix=func.__name__ + '_',
verbose_script = f'\nprint("running {filename}")\n' if verbose else ''
if clean == 'never':
run_script = "res = func(*args, **kwargs)"
elif clean == 'always':
run_script = f"""try:
res = func(*args, **kwargs)
import os; os.remove("{filename}")"""
elif clean == 'on_success':
run_script = f"""res = func(*args, **kwargs)
import os; os.remove("{filename}")"""
python_cmd = _external_job.format(sys.executable,
with open(filename, 'w') as python_file:
return sys.executable + " " + filename + ('; rm ' + filename if clean else '')
return sys.executable + " " + filename
......@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@ import re
import string
__version__ = '3.2.1'
__version__ = '3.2.2'
"""Current version number, as a string. """
......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ import argparse
import pytest
import fsl
from fsl.utils import fslsub
from fsl.utils import fslsub, run
from fsl.utils.tempdir import tempdir
from . import mockFSLDIR
......@@ -256,3 +256,44 @@ def test_info():
with pytest.raises(ValueError):
fslsub._parse_qstat(valid_job_ids[0], example_qstat_reply)
def _good_func():
def _bad_func():
def test_func_to_cmd():
cwd = os.getcwd()
with tempdir():
for tmp_dir in (None, '.'):
for clean in ('never', 'on_success', 'always'):
for verbose in (False, True):
cmd = fslsub.func_to_cmd(_good_func, clean=clean, tmp_dir=tmp_dir, verbose=verbose)
fn = cmd.split()[-1]
assert op.exists(fn)
stdout, stderr, exitcode =, exitcode=True, stdout=True, stderr=True,
env={"PYTHONPATH": cwd})
assert exitcode == 0
if clean == 'never':
assert op.exists(fn), "Successful job got removed, even though this was not requested"
assert not op.exists(fn), f"Successful job did not get removed after run for clean = {clean}"
if verbose:
assert stdout.strip() == f'running {fn}\nhello'
assert stdout.strip() == 'hello'
cmd = fslsub.func_to_cmd(_bad_func, clean=clean, tmp_dir=tmp_dir)
fn = cmd.split()[-1]
assert op.exists(fn)
stdout, stderr, exitcode =, exitcode=True, stdout=True, stderr=True,
env={'PYTHONPATH': cwd})
assert exitcode != 0
if clean == 'always':
assert not op.exists(fn), "Failing job should always be removed if requested"
assert op.exists(fn), f"Failing job got removed even with clean = {clean}"
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