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``fslpy`` release history
1.3.0 (under development)
* :class:`.Atlas` classes can now pass ``kwargs`` through to the
:class:`.Image` constructor.
* :class:`.Cache` now implements ``__getitem__`` and ``__setitem__``
* :func:`.image.read_segments` function (monkey-patched into ``nibabel``)
is deprecatedm as it is no longer necessary as of ``nibabel`` 2.2.0.
* :func:`.platform.isWidgetAlive` is deprecated in favour of an equivalent
function in the ``fsleyes-widgets`` library.
1.2.2 (Saturday October 21st 2017)
* Fix to :mod:`` to work with both `nibabel` 2.1.0 and 2.2.0
1.2.1 (Saturday October 7th 2017)
* If an :class:`.Image` is passed an existing ``nibabel`` header object,
it creates a copy, rather than using the original.
* New :meth:`.Image.resample` method, which resamples the image data to a
different resolution.
* New :meth:`.LabelAtlas.coordLabel`, :meth:`.LabelAtlas.maskLabel`,
:meth:`.ProbabilisticAtlas.coordProportions` and
:meth:`.ProbabilisticAtlas.maskProportions` methods. The ``coord``
methods perform coordinate queries in voxel or world coordinates,
and the ``mask`` methods perform mask-based queries.
1.2.0 (Thursday September 21st 2017)
* :meth:`` method deprecated in
favour of new :meth:``.Nifti.voxToScaledVoxMat` and
:meth:`Nifti.scaledVoxToVoxMat` properties.
1.1.0 (Monday September 11th 2017)
* The :mod:`fsl` package is now a ``pkgutil``-style `namespace package
<>`_, so it
can be used for different projects.
* Updates to :class:`` and :class:``
to add support for images with more than 4 dimensions:
- New ``ndims`` property
- ``is4DImage`` method deprecated
1.0.5 (Thursday August 10th 2017)
* New functions and further adjustments in :mod:`fsl.utils.transform` module:
- :func:`.transform.rotMatToAffine` converts a ``(3, 3)`` rotation matrix
into a ``(4, 4)`` affine.
- :func:`.transform.transformNormal` applies an affine transform to one or
more vectors.
- :func:`.transform.veclength` calculates the length of a vector
- :func:`.transform.normalise` normalises a vector
- :func:`.transform.scaleOffsetXform` adjusted to have more flexibility with
respect to inputs.
- :func:`.transform.decompose` can return rotations either as three
axis-angles, or as a rotation matrix
* Updates to :class:`` - ``vertices`` and ``indices``
are now ``property`` attributes. New lazily generated ``normals`` and
``vnormals`` properties (face and vertex normals respectively). Option
to ``__init__`` to fix the face winding order of a mesh.
* :func:`fsl.utils.memoize.memoize` decorator made into a class rather than a
function. The new :class:`.Memoize` class has an ``invalidate`` method, which
clears the cache.
1.0.4 (Friday July 14th 2017)
* Python 2/3 compatibility fix to :mod:`fsl.utils.callfsl`.
* Fix to :func:`fsl.utils.transform.scaleOffsetXform` - accepts inputs
that are not lists.
* :func:`fsl.utils.transform.compose` accepts either a sequence of three
axis angles, or a ``(3, 3)`` rotation matrix.
1.0.3 (Sunday June 11th 2017)
* Fix to :mod:`fsl.utils.async` which was breaking environments where multiple
``wx.App`` instances were being created.
1.0.2 (Thursday June 8th 2017)
* Python 2/3 compatibility fixes
* New :func:`fsl.version.patchVersion` function.
1.0.1 (Sunday 4th June 2017)
* New version number parsing functions in :mod:`fsl.version`.
1.0.0 (Saturday May 27th 2017)
* Removed many GUI-related modules - they have been moved to the
``fsleyes-widgets`` project. The following modules have been removed:
- :mod:`fsl.utils.colourbarbitmap`
- :mod:`fsl.utils.dialog`
- :mod:`fsl.utils.imagepanel`
- :mod:`fsl.utils.layout`
- :mod:`fsl.utils.platform`
- :mod:`fsl.utils.runwindow`
- :mod:`fsl.utils.status`
- :mod:`fsl.utils.textbitmap`
- :mod:`fsl.utils.typedict`
- :mod:`fsl.utils.webpage`
* :mod:`fsl.utils.settings` module rewritten. It no longer uses ``wx``,
but instead stores plain-text and ``pickle`` files in the user's home
* Software GL renderer test in :mod:`fsl.utils.platform` is more lenient
* New :class:`.AtlasLabel` class
* :meth:`.Image.__init__` allows arguments to be passed through to
* New :meth:`.Nifti.strval` method to handle escaped strings in NIFTI headers.
* Python 2/3 compatibility fixes
0.11.0 (Thursday April 20th 2017)
* First public release as part of FSL 5.0.10
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