Commit eccc9b28 authored by Paul McCarthy's avatar Paul McCarthy 🚵
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Test new unambviguous flag to addExt. A few other tweaks

parent b57dfd23
......@@ -17,6 +17,8 @@ import pytest
import fsl.utils.path as fslpath
import as fslimage
from . import testdir
def make_dummy_file(path):
with open(path, 'wt') as f:
......@@ -491,6 +493,11 @@ def test_addExt_noExist():
('file.blob', '.img', allowedExts, 'file.blob.img'),
('file.blob', 'img', None, 'file.blobimg'),
('file.blob', '.img', None, 'file.blob.img'),
# If no defaultExt or allowedExts, the
# prefix should be returned unchanged
('file', None, None, 'file'),
('file.blob', None, None, 'file.blob'),
for prefix, defaultExt, allowedExts, expected in tests:
......@@ -501,6 +508,46 @@ def test_addExt_noExist():
mustExist=False) == expected
def test_addExt_unambiguous():
allowedExts = fslimage.ALLOWED_EXTENSIONS
fileGroups = fslimage.FILE_GROUPS
# files to create, prefix, file groups, allowedExts, defaultExt, expected,
tests = [
('file.img file.hdr', 'file.img', None, None, None, 'file.img'),
('file.img file.hdr', 'file.hdr', None, None, None, 'file.hdr'),
('file.img file.hdr', 'file.hdr', None, None, None, 'file.hdr'),
('file.img file.hdr', 'file', None, None, '.hdr', 'file.hdr'),
('file.img file.hdr', 'file', None, None, '.img', 'file.img'),
('file.img file.hdr', 'file', None, allowedExts, None, 'file.hdr file.img'),
('file.img file.hdr', 'file.img', None, allowedExts, None, 'file.img'),
('file.img file.hdr', 'file', fileGroups, allowedExts, None, 'file.hdr file.img'),
('file.img file.hdr', 'file.img', fileGroups, allowedExts, None, 'file.img'),
('file.img file.hdr', 'file', None, allowedExts, '.img', 'file.hdr file.img'),
('file.img file.hdr', 'file.img', None, allowedExts, '.img', 'file.img'),
('file.img file.hdr', 'file', fileGroups, allowedExts, '.img', 'file.hdr file.img'),
('file.img file.hdr', 'file.img', fileGroups, allowedExts, '.img', 'file.img'),
for create, prefix, groups, exts, defaultExt, expected in tests:
create = create .split()
expected = expected.split()
with testdir(create) as td:
result = fslpath.addExt(prefix,
assert sorted(expected) == sorted(result)
def test_removeExt():
allowedExts = fslimage.ALLOWED_EXTENSIONS
......@@ -1071,6 +1118,11 @@ def test_removeDuplicates_otherFiles_shouldPass():
('file1.a file1.b file2.a file2.b', 'file1 file1.a file2 file2.a', '.a .b', ['.a .b'], 'file1.a file2.a'),
('file1.a file1.b file2.a file2.b', 'file1 file2', '.a .b', ['.a .b'], 'file1.a file2.a'),
('file1.a file1.b file2.a file2.b', 'file1 file1.a file2', '.a .b', ['.a .b'], 'file1.a file2.a'),
# no file groups - should still work
('file1.a file1.b file2.a file2.b', 'file1.a', '', [], 'file1.a'),
('file1.a file1.b file2.a file2.b', 'file1.a file1.b', '', [], 'file1.a file1.b'),
('file1.a file1.b file2.a file2.b', 'file1.a file2.a', '', [], 'file1.a file2.a'),
......@@ -1254,5 +1306,11 @@ def test_uniquePrefix():
assert result == expected
# test that an error is raised on an invalid path
with pytest.raises(fslpath.PathError):
fslpath.uniquePrefix(op.join(workdir, 'not-a-valid-path'))
with pytest.raises(fslpath.PathError):
fslpath.uniquePrefix(op.join(workdir, '100307'))
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