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......@@ -2,6 +2,60 @@ FUNPACK changelog
1.4.0 (Sunday 7th July 2019
* Added a new ``InternalType`` column to the variable table, which can be used
to specify the type to use internally for a given variable
(e.g. ``float64``). This is so that the default type of ``float32`` can be
overridden for specific variables for which this is problematic, such as
variable :ref:`20003
<>`_. This column is
initially populated from ``funpack/data/type.txt``.
* New :mod:`funpack.coding` module, for retrieving descriptive information
about data codings. The information is stored in the
``funpack/data/coding/``directory. Hierarchical data codings are still
accessed via the :mod:`.hierarchy` module.
* New :func:`hierarchicalDescriptionFromCode`,
:func:`hierarchicalDescriptionFromNumeric`, and
:func:`codingDescriptionFromValue` metaprocessing functions.
* The hierarchical coding name no longer needs to be specified when using the
:func:`.codeToNumeric` cleaning function - the coding is automatically looked
* Variable 4288 has been moved from ``cognitive phenotypes`` to
``miscellaneous`` in the FMRIB categories.
* Variable 20003 is now binarised in the FMRIB categories.
* Changed the meta-processing function signature - these functions are now
passed the :class:`.DataTable` and variable ID, in addition the value.
* Now using an internal type of ``float64`` for variable 20003, as it
potentially has values which cannot be represented in ``float32``.
* Deprecated the `xDescriptionFromCode` and `xDescriptionFromNumeric`
metaprocessing functions.
1.3.2 (Tuesday 4th June 2019)
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