Commit 3dbe4e5e authored by Paul McCarthy's avatar Paul McCarthy 🚵
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ENH: --variable/--exclude/--subject args now accept comma-separated mixtures

of IDs and ranges
parent fdf9e6ba
......@@ -638,26 +638,24 @@ def parseArgs(argv=None, namespace=None):
parsed = [int(t.strip()) for t in parsed]
# Or they may be an ID or matlab-style
# start[:step[:stop]] range, both handled
# by the parseMatlabRange function.
try: parsed = util.parseMatlabRange(thing)
except ValueError: parsed = None
# Or they may be a comma-separated
# list of IDs
if parsed is None:
parsed = [int(v) for v in thing.split(',')]
# Or they may be one or more comma-separated
# IDs or matlab start:step[:stop] ranges,
# both handled by the parseMatlabRange function.
parsed = []
for tkn in thing.split(','):
except ValueError:
parsed = None
# --subject may also be an expression,
# so if error is False, and the range/
# list parses fail, we pass the argument
# through. Otherwise we propagate the
# error.
except ValueError:
if error:
if error:
if parsed is None:
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